Step-1: Log in to or and navigate to your Account Settings.

Step-2: Make sure the correct account or subaccount is selected, then on the left, click "API"

Step-3: Click "Create API Key"

Step-4: Your new API Key and secret will be shown in a pop-up window. Click the copy icon next to the API secret.

Step-5: In Altrady, navigate to Settings>Exchange Account API Keys.
Then click Add API key.

Step-6: A pop-up window will open for adding your API Key.
Select FTX or FTX.US from the dropdown list of exchanges.

Step-7. Add a label for your API key.
Paste your API secret from FTX, then your API key.
If your API key is for a Sub-account on FTX, enter the exact name of the sub-account. Otherwise leave this field blank.
Click the Save button.

Step -10: If you have zero funds in your FTX account you will see a message about this. Click Add.

Step -11: You should see a green notification box saying that your key has been added successfully.

Step-12: You have successfully connected your FTX exchange account with Altrady.
For this guide, we have labelled the FTX API key as "My FTX" key.
You can edit the details anytime by selecting the edit icon.

Step-13: If you have funds in your FTX Trading account but can't yet see the balance in Altrady, you can update the balances on the Portfolio page.

Your recent trade and order history will be automatically imported using your API key.

Traders with a paid subscription can manually import their earlier trade history under Settings>Exchange Import.

Created 17th December, 2021
Updated 1st May 2022
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