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How to use Restart Setup

If your account is new and you are having trouble adding API keys or setting up a secure vault, it can be easiest to use Restart Setup to fix and issues.

If you exit Restart Setup before completing all steps, you will not be able to reopen it. Use Force Reload (from the View menu OR Ctrl + Shift + R / CMD + Shift + R) to reenable Restart Setup.

Open Restart Setup from the Settings menu on the left side.

Choose a template or layout for the Trading terminal
Note that: you can customise any layout to suit yourself.
You can swap layouts at any time.
When you have chosen a template, click Next Step.

Once you have chosen a template, click Next Step

Add API Keys
If you are ready to, you can add one or more API keys at this step. You can find details for each exchange for creating an API key here: Adding Exchanges
In the documentation, you can ignore the sections on creating a secure vault, since it is included in the Restart Setup process later on.

When you have finished adding your API keys, click Next Step

Base Scanner Settings
The Base Scanner is an integrated tool used to be alerted when a Base has been cracked.
If you are familiar with the Base Scanner, you can create an initial setup here.
Otherwise, you can always add settings later.
Find out more here: Understanding the "Bases" Widget of Altrady

Once you have finished, click Next Step

Quick Scan Settings.
The Quick Scan is an integrated tool used to be alerted when a market makes a quick move up or down.
On this page you can choose some settings for the Quick Scan tool.
Find out more about the settings here: Understanding the "Quick Scan" Widget of Altrady
You can add or change Quick Scan Settings at any time in the Quick Scan widget filter settings.

Click Next Step

Set up your Secure Vault and record your Key.
Copy the five words given here as you WILL need them later. They are your 5 word pass key.
Store them securely.
Important: Click "Continue".

Click Continue

You now have a secure vault and an API key set up.
You can add more API keys on Settings>Exchange Account API Keys if you wish.
If you install Altrady on another device or a web browser, use your 5 word pass key to activate the device.

And head to the Trading Terminal to start trading or to the Altrady Academy to learn more about How to use Altrady.

Updated on: 14/01/2022

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