Zignaly is a cryptocurrency trading bot that lets you trade automatically using CBS signals.

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Useful links:
Getting Started with Zignaly
Glossary of terms for the Base Scanner and Crypto Base Scanner

Profile Options

1. Accept Take Profits Values From the Entry Signal? (Tick to enable)
The signals include 2 Take Profit targets (percentages). You can use either or both.
Choose one option:
a) First target only
100% of your position size will be allocated for the first target (half median drop)
b) All targets
Both targets will be used, 50% for each target
c) Last target only
100% of your position size will be allocated for the second (higher) target. (Median drop)
If you wish to set your own TPs (or Trailing Stop Loss) in the Settings, Accept Take Profits must be unticked, otherwise the signal targets will override your TPs.
2. Check Terms from the provider
This is where you select your preferred algorithm.
It is best to only select one, otherwise there is a high likelihood of simultaneous signals for multiple algorithms for the same pair.

3. Success rate
Signals are only sent for markets with success rate > 50%.
You can specify a higher number here if desired.
What is the Success Rate?


Allocated Amounts
The Percentage or Value of the initial position size is set here.
Value is a fixed amount (e.g. .001 BTC).
Percentage is based on not just your unallocated balance of the coin, but also coins already in trades using that quote currency. Beware!

Although it is possible to specify more than one currency to use in the same provider/clone, this is not recommended. By separating each quote currency, you can choose settings for each of them individually, such as maximum positions, and minimum volume.

Make sure your initial position size is greater than the minimum spend for the currency, by at least 5% (e.g. is the minimum is $10, allocate $10.50 minimum.) This will need to be higher again if more than one TP is used.

Strategy Options

i. Example of how Zignaly calculates DCA and SL prices

Article created 20th July 2021
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