Entry Order Expiration

The Entry Order Expiration can only be added when creating an Entry Order.
It's purpose is to automatically cancel your Entry Order after a specified period of time has elapsed.
The time is calculated from when you submit your Entry Order.

This can be useful when trading a market that is moving quickly: if your entry has not filled within a period of time, and you believe it is unlikely to fill.

The Entry Order Expiration can be used with all Entry Order types: Market, Limit, Stop Order, Trailing Stop and Ladder.
Where your Entry Order adds more than one order to the Order Book (e.g. a Ladder Order), all related Entry Orders will be cancelled when the Expiry time has elapsed.

How to Set the Entry Order Expiration
Create your Entry Order as usual
Open the Smart Orders
Switch on Entry Order Expiration
Choose whether you wish to specify Minutes, Hours or Days
To specify the amount of time (marked in blue above) either:
select the number in the box and overtype it. To select the number either click with a mouse, or use Shift + arrow key
move the slider on the right

Valid settings are:
1 to 60 minutes
1 to 24 hours
1 to 30 days
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