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Smart Orders: Stop Loss

Smart Order Options: Stop Loss

The Smart Stop Loss can be used to add a Stop Loss to a new position.
(To add a Stop Loss to an existing position, use the Stop Limit order at the top of the Trading widget.)

Any Entry type can be combined with a Smart Stop Loss order: Market, Limit or Ladder.
The Smart Stop Loss can also be combined with any or all of the other Smart Order options: Entry Order expiration; Take Profit/Exit Ladder and Time-Based Auto Close.
After completing the Order Entry details, open the Smart Orders section and switch on the Stop Loss option.

If using a Ladder ENTRY, initially the assumed position size for your Exit is based on your first Ladder step position size. As more entries are filled, your position size for each Exit will be increased. For single step entries, the Stop Loss order amount will be the full Entry Order amount.

Both Market and Limit Stop Loss orders are available.

Stop Market

Once the Stop % or price is reached, a Stop Market order will exit immediately at the best available price in the Order Book.

Stop Limit

The Stop Limit Smart Order allows the trader to choose a Limit price (for a Sell, this would be the lowest price as which the order will sell, once the Stop price is reached). This can be useful when trading markets with low liquidity/think Order Books, where there is a chance that a larger order might sell at a wide range of prices when a Stop Market Order is used.
With a Stop Limit order, the Limit Order is entered in the Order Book when the Stop price is reached. If the Limit price is better than the current price, then the order can be partly or fully filled at the best available prices.
If the order is partially filled, the Limit order for the unsold coins will remain in the Order Book until the price is reached, or the order is cancelled.

Stop %: This price triggers the Limit Order to be placed. Choose a percentage below the average Entry Price. Then if needed, the Stop Price order flag in the chart can be dragged up or down.
Limit %: The price at which the limit order will be placed, once the Stop is triggered. The percentage is based on the average Buy price for the order. The Limit Price order flag in the chart can also be dragged up or down.

Stop Loss Cool down

An additional option for the Stop Loss is the cool down. Once the price drops below the stop loss level, the stop loss cool down is triggered.
If the price is still below the stop price when the cooldown timer finishes, the stop loss will be triggered.
If the price is above the stop price when the cooldown timer finishes, the time is reset.
The Cool down can be from 1 minute to 30 days.

Note that the cooldown period will apply each time the price drops below the Stop Price.

Updated on: 28/03/2023

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