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Smart Orders: Time-based Auto-close

The Time-based Auto-close allows the trader to automatically exit a trade that takes too long to reach either Take Profit or Stop Loss.
It will only be activated once your last entry has filled.

If this option is set, at the specified time your position will be fully closed regardless of the profit or loss.
For a Long position, the coins will be sold at the market price, and for a short position, coins will be bought at the market price.

The Time-Based Autoclose can be used with or without an exit order (Take Profit or Stop Loss).
When combined with an exit order, if the Auto Close time is reached before the Take Profit or Stop Loss, then the position will be closed.

Select Hour, Minute or Day from the Dropdown menu.

Enter the required time period, or drag the slider on the right.

Updated on: 28/03/2023

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