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How to Connect Your Binance Exchange Account with Altrady

To get started with seamless trading experience on Altrady, you need to connect your cryptocurrency exchange with our platform. In this guide, we have illustrated 12 easy steps that will help you to connect your 'Binance exchange' account with 'Altrady' via API.

Binance is the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the world with more than 15 million users across the globe 💡

Step-1: Enter Binance URL in your browser and login to your account.

Step-2: After signing in, navigate to your dashboard bar, click on the Settings, and select API Management. Alternatively, you can click on profile icon at the top-right corner and select API Management from the drop down menu.

Step-3: Now create the API by assigning it a name. Here we have assigned the name - Altrady as an example. Hit the Create API button once done.

Step-4: Enter the six-digit code sent to your phone as well as e-mail to complete the security verification process for creating API. Hit Submit button after entering the codes.

Step-5a: Binance will redirect you to a new page where you will be provided with your API key as well as a Secret key. Now, copy these two codes and visit Altrady website.

Step-6: If you haven't already done so, login to your Altrady account and click on the Settings icon appearing in the left hand side of the interface.
Then choose Exchange account API keys.
Ad click + Add API Key.

Go to Settings > Exchange account API keys and click > + Add API Key

Step-7. A new pop-up will appear on your screen for adding the API Key.
Select Binance from the exchange dropdown menu,
Give your API key a label,
and enter your Binance API key and Secret key generated at Step-5.


Enable IP whitelisting and make sure that your permissions look like these.
On your exchange, it might be called Trusted IPs, IP binding, IP addresses, or IP Whitelist.

Step-8a: Copy the list of 20 IP addresses from Altrady, then click Update.

!Returning users! note: if you do not see this box to copy the IP addresses, please update to the newest version of Altrady


Step-8b: Paste the IP addresses into the relevant field for your exchange and check that all 20 IP addresses have been added.

You can use the same API key to add a Binance Spot and Futures account at the same time.
If you do, they will be listed as separate API keys in your list.

Or, you can choose to only create a trading account for Spot or Futures.
If you're not sure, it won't hurt to add both at the same time.

If you select Futures, then Futures trading must have been selected in Step 6.

Choose whether to add an API key for Binance Spot, Binance Futures, or both.

Step -10: Hit the Save button after entering all the information.

Step -11: Click on the Add button.

Step-12: You have successfully connected your Binance exchange account with Altrady.
If you selected both Binance and Binance Futures, you will see a Trading Account for each in your list of API keys.
In the Markets widget, you will find markets for Binance under BINA and markets for Binance futures under BIFU.
The Markets widget

Edit the API key details anytime by selecting the edit option in Settings>Exchange Account API keys.

If your balances haven't yet updated from the exchange, find out how to quickly update them:

Updating your Binance API key

Jan 2022: Binance has announced that they will delete all unbound API keys (those with no UIP whitelist), 30 days after the key was created.

Altrady needs to use dozens of IP addresses that are updated frequently, in order to avoid exchange rate limit errors.
We are talking with Binance about ways to bind our IP addresses and hope to have a solution from them soon.
In the meantime, this is what to do to keep your Binance account active in Altrady.
Around 7 days prior to deletion, Binance will send a reminder notice to your Binance account email address, letting you know when you key/s will be deleted. Make sure Binance's email address is whitelisted in your email app. When the email is received, set a reminder to update your keys before this date.
When that time comes, create a new API key on Binance, using the same steps as above.
Tick the Futures permission to use the same API key for your Futures and Spot accounts in Altrady.

Make sure the permissions on your new key match those shown in Step 6 above.

3, In Altrady, EDIT your current Binance API key.
Binance Spot and Futures Trading Accounts are separate in Altrady and each will need a new key.

Do not Delete your old API key in Altrady unless you want a complete reset. Deleting a key results in the loss of all data for trades, orders, positions and analytics.

Replace your existing Key and Secret with the those for your new key.

When you click Update, your old key will immediately be replaced with the new one in Altrady
Delete your old API key in Binance.

Replacing your API key is a seamless process, as long as:
Your API key in Altrady is replaced before the old one is deleted by Binance, or expires.
The new key is valid and has the correct permissions (see Step 6, above).
Your bots, positions and orders will be unaffected by changing to a new key.

How to add an IP whitelist to your Binance API Keys

Go to Settings>Exchange API Keys
Edit you Trading Account (API Key) in Altrady to locate the set of IP Addresses for the API Key

Here you can see the list of allocated IP addresses for this API key.
These IP addresses are linked to the key in Altrady. This list of IP addresses will not work with any of your other API keys.

The list of IP Addresses is attached to a specific API key
Log into your Exchange account and navigate to the API keys page.
If you have more than one API key for this exchange, find the correct one. You can check the API key in Altrady and make sure you have the correct one.

Click Edit.

Enable IP whitelisting
On our exchange, it might be called Trusted IPs, IP binding, IP addresses, or IP Whitelist.

Copy the list of 20 IP addresses from Altrady and paste them.
On some exchanges you must click Confirm.

Check that all 20 IP addresses have been added

Finally, click Save to save the added IP addresses.

See related topic: How to add an IP whitelist to your API keys

Now you can start leveraging the robust features that Altrady has to offer.
If you have any questions, please feel free to chat with our Customer Support Service, linked at the bottom of this page.

Updated on: 13/11/2023

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