To get started with seamless trading experience on Altrady, you need to connect your cryptocurrency exchange with our platform. In this guide, we have illustrated 12 easy steps that will help you to connect your 'Binance exchange' account with 'Altrady' via API.

Binance is ranked at the top in terms of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the world with more than 15 million users all across the globe 💡

Important: Binance has a new requirement that affects Altrady users:

Intermediate level KYC (Proof of name) is now required on all accounts using API keys for trading.
New and existing Binance API keys will not allow trading unless the KYC is completed.
The Binance announcement is here:

Let's begin.

Step-1: Enter Binance URL in your browser and login to your account.

Step-2: After signing in, navigate to your dashboard bar, click on the Settings, and select API Management. Alternatively, you can click on profile icon at the top-right corner and select API Management from the drop down menu.

Step-3: Now create the API by assigning it a name. Here we have assigned the name - Altrady as an example. Hit the Create API button once done.

Step-4: Enter the six-digit code sent to your phone as well as e-mail to complete the security verification process for creating API. Hit Submit button after entering the codes.

Step-5: Binance will redirect you to a new page where you will be provided with your API key as well as a Secret key. Now, copy these two codes and visit Altrady website.

Step-6: Login to your Altrady account and click on the Settings icon appearing in the left hand side of the interface.

Step-7: Select Exchange API Key option from the left side bar to add the API keys.

Step-8: Now you have to add the keys by creating a secure vault first. Hit the Create a secure vault button.

In order to keep your API keys secure, Altrady will create a secure vault to store your keys in. The vault will be locked with a generated password 🔒

Step-9: A pop-up will appear on your screen that will generate a random 5-word password for the vault. Enter the Third word from the password into the Enter 3rd word field and hit the Continue button.

Please make sure to store this password in a safe location.

Step-10: A new window shall appear on the screen where you will observe the +Add API key button. Click on this button to connect your Binance exchange API keys.

Step-11: A new pop-up will appear on your screen for creating the API Key. Label a name to your API key, select Binance from the exchange dropdown menu, and enter your Binance API key and Secret key generated at Step-5. Hit the Save button after entering all the information.

Step -12: Click on the Add button.

Step-13: You have successfully connected your Binance exchange account with Altrady. For this guide, we have labeled Binance API as "Altrady Binance". You can edit the details anytime by selecting the edit icon.

Now you can start the crypto-trading and leverage the robust features and functionalities that Altrady has to offer to you. If you still have any doubts, please feel free to chat with our customer support service.

Updated 1st September, 2021
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