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How to Connect Your KuCoin Exchange Account with Altrady

To get started with a seamless trading experience on Altrady, you need to connect your cryptocurrency exchange with our platform. In this guide, we have illustrated 13 easy steps to help you connect your KuCoin exchange account with Altrady via API.

From 15th July 2023, Kucoin requires all users to have competed KYC on their platform. Without this, only a limited range of functions are available by API. No new orders can be created.

More details: Kucoin KYC requirement

Let's Begin.

Step-1: Enter KuCoin URL in your browser and log in to your account.

Step-2: Click on the profile icon from the top-right corner of the navigation bar and select API Management from the dropdown menu.

To generate the API key and Secret key, it is mandatory to enable the two security protection methods in KuCoin -

SMS Verification or Google Verification
Setting Trading Password

Step-3: Select the APIoption before hitting the Create API button.

Step-4: Assign the API name, API Passphrase and Enable IP whitelisting

You will need the passphrase when you add the API key to Altrady.

The passphrase can only contain characters (no special characters and no spaces).

Make sure General and Trade are enabled.

Copy the list of 20 IP addresses from Altrady, then click Update.

Paste the IP addresses into the relevant field for your exchange and check that all 20 IP addresses have been added.

Step-5: Complete the security verification by entering your Trading Password, Email Verification Code, and Google Verification Code. Hit the Confirm button once done.

Step-6: A new modal window will appear displaying your API key and Secret key. Save these two keys in a secure place and hit the Confirm button.

Step-7: Visit Altrady website, login to your account, and click on the Settings icon appearing on the left-hand side of the interface.

Step-8: Select the Exchange account API Keys option from the left sidebar to add the API keys.
To change (or delete) your existing Kucoin API key, skip to Step 12.

To add a new Kucoin API key, continue here.
A new window will appear, click +Add API Key button to connect your KuCoin exchange API keys.

Step-9: A new modal window will appear on your screen for creating the API Key. Give a label to your API key, select KuCoin from the exchange dropdown menu, and enter your KuCoin key and Secret key generated at Step-6. Also, enter the Passphrase you created in Step-4.

To add a KuCoin API key for KuCoin Futures, you will need to select 'Kucoin Futures, to do that API key. You cannot select normal Kucoin and enable both spot and futures (in kucoin on the API key) and use your futures account + your spot account simultaneously. both keys must be separate at this time.

Hit the Save button after entering all the information.

Step-10: Hit the Add button.

If you cannot see your account balance on Altrady, make sure your funds are in your Kucoin Trading Account.

Step-11: You have successfully connected your KuCoin exchange account with Altrady.
You can edit the details anytime by selecting the edit icon.

Step-12: Edit your existing Kucoin API key.

To replace your existing API key with a new one, use EDIT rather than Delete and Add. Delete will erase your existing Trade History and Positions permanently.

Click the pencil icon next to the API key.

Step-16: Select Kucoin from the Exchange dropdown list.
Enter all details for your new Kucoin API key, including a Label, the API key, the Secret, and the Passphrase you chose in Step-4, then click Save.

For Kucoin, your balance must be in the Tradaing account, not the Funding Account.

If your balances haven't yet updated from the exchange, find out how to quickly update them:

Now you can start to leverage the robust features Altrady has to offer.
If you have any questions, please feel free to chat with our customer support service.

Updated on: 15/08/2023

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