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Trading with an API key on MEXC

You can trade on MEXC using Altrady, however there are some features available on the exchange that MEXC does not make available for API trading.

How to add a MEXC API Key to Altrady

Available MEXC Pairs

MEXC allows only some pairs to be traded by API, excluding some high volume markets such as BTC/USDT.
Pairs with more than 12 decimal places are excluded (~60 pairs) as this level of precision is not yet available on the platform.
In total, almost 2000 MEXC pairs (>75%) are available for trading i.e. order creation, by API using Altrady.

For excluded or non-tradeable pairs:
MEXC allows orders to be cancelled by API but not created.
The traffic light for status will be red
An icon is shown next to the pair in the Markets widget
A warning message is shown in the trade form, with a link to the exchange.
CBS does not send signals for these markets

Warning icon for untradable markets

Trading widget warning and link for untradable pairs

Market order availability

In addition, MEXC allows market orders on some pairs (currrently, 602 pairs) and not others (currently 1377 pairs).
If market orders are available for the pair, the option will be shown in the Trading widget.

Market orders are available if shown

Optional Limt or Market orders.

For pairs where market orders are available, the Market order option is shown for Entries and Stop Losses.

Where Market orders are usually used in Altrady:
Altrady uses market orders for signal bot Stop Losses and for all Trailing Stop Losses.
For MEXC pairs that do not allow market orders, a Limit order at 10% from the current price is used instead. This will function as a Taker order, and be filled at the best prices in the order book, in the same way as a market order.
If Market-type is chosen for a Close Position order, it will also be placed as a limit order, 10% from the current price.

Spot vs Futures

MEXC offers Futures trading on the exchange but not by API.
So Altrady only offers Spot trading for MEXC.

How to add a MEXC API Key to Altrady

Updated on: 06/09/2023

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