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How to Reset your 5 word password

The 5 word password is the password to your API key vault.
It is needed to activate each new device and session for trading.
If you lose your 5 word password, you can retrieve it on the desktop app (see image below).
If you haven't activated the desktop app, and can't locate your 5 word password, then it will need to be reset, to get a new set of five words.
For the security of your account, when the 5 word password is reset, all API keys for live accounts must be replaced.

The 5 word password can be retrieved from the Desktop App

Instructions for Resetting the 5 word password

Navigate to Exchange Accounts API keys

You will be asked to enter your 5 words. Click Cancel.

Click Reset 5 word password

Click Confirm Vault Password

You will be given a new set of 5 words.
First, enter the third word in the space below to Confirm.
Click Continue.
Then record these in a safe place.

For security reasons, you will then need to replace each of your current API keys with new ones.
You can edit each Account on the API keys page and replace each API key with a new one created on the exchange.
Instructions for creating new API keys can be found here.
When an API key is replaced in Altrady by editing the existing Trading Account, the process is seamless. Orders, Positions and Bots will not be affected.

Edit your existing trading accounts to replace the API key/secret

Replace the key and secret here

If a Trading Account (API key) in Altrady is deleted, all trade history, Order history and positions are deleted as well.

Updated on: 11/05/2023

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