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Signal Bot: Quick Start Guide for CBS Signals

This guide includes suggested settings for trader who are using the Signal Bot with CBS signals for the first time.
Over time, we recommend that you adjust your settings to choose your own trading style.

We recommend that a separate account or sub-account is used for your bot, so that the allocated funds are not accidentally used for a different purpose.

Unlike Copy Trading, using a Signal Bot is not a completely hands-off process. While the average win rate for CBS signals is very high (90-97% on average) it is not 100%. Every trader will need to decide what to do when a bot position does not return to profit in a reasonable amount of time. Alternatives are:
manually intervene (add more DCAs. See CryptoTradingDev's YouTube channel for videos on how to do this.)
wait, possibly for a very long time
use a Stop Loss. There is no "perfect" stop loss value. We offer a suggestion here, but the market will change over time and the trader's tolerance of risk is also very important when choosing a value for SL.
manually intervene in most cases, and use a Stop Loss to catch markets with big dumps due to coin delistings, for example.

CBS Signals generally provide good returns over the long term. Some months will have drawdowns while others will have high profits.

Suggested Settings

Entry FieldSuggested ValueNotes
Quote CurrencyBTC or a Stable coinCheck the CBS Monthly Reports to ensure that there are enough signals for your exchange and quote currency
AlgorithmDay Trading
Max Concurrent Positions3 or 4This is a balance between higher profits (fewer positions) and spreading risk (more positions)
Max Positions per Market1
Minimum 24 hr Volume5 BTC (use the equivalent of your quote currency)For larger position sizes, an absolute minimum of 100x maximum position size
Min PriceFor BTC bots: 0.00000100
Entry Order Expiration15 minutesIf your initial order is not filled in 15 minutes it will be cancelled to free up funds for the next signal
DCAsSignal. Or use Custom for 3 DCAs: 6% x 100%, 12% x 200% and 20% x 400%For the Signal option, there are currently 2 DCAs: 6% x 100% and 12% x 200%
Take ProfitSignal: half Median drop
Stop LossCustom: 30%Signal: 4x median drop

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If you have further questions, please contact our Customer Support, linked at the bottom of this page.

Updated on: 20/06/2024

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