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The Altrady Dashboard (V4.2 and above)

The Dashboard is the landing page when Altrady is opened. It includes:
A snapshot of open and recently closed positions
A snapshot of currently active bots (signal and grid)
A snapshot of balances for live accounts
Onboarding tasks and their completion status
The top coins and current overall market performance

Accessing the Dashboard

The Dashboard is the first icon on the left side menu, above the Trading Terminal icon

The data on the Dashboard is a snapshot, and not updated live. Refresh the page (browser) or reload the page (app–View menu) to see updated values.

The dashboard is the landing page and provides a snapshot of yor account

Dashboard details

Open Positions
A snapshot of the data from My Positions widget (on the Trading Terminal)
Filter by trading account
Scroll to see more positions
Sort by any column
Click a market to open the market and position in the Trading Terminal. Details for the specific position (e.g BE price) will be shown in Position Info widget and on the chart.
Close button. The action depends on the position type
Spot or Futures (custom) positions: the market and position are opened in the trading terminal. A draft order to close the position is created in the Trading widget. Click Place Order to create the order. NB. If there are no coins left to sell (or buy), or too few for the exchange, the Place Order button will be disabled.
Smart or Signal bot positions: a dialog is presented to close the position at limit or market price.
Grid Bot: NA

3 dot menu (same options and actions as My Positions
Depends on type

Scroll the Open Positions to see more

Select one or more trading accounts to filter the Positions

Click a column headng to sort

Recently Closed Positions
See Open Positions description.
The Share button is used to take a snapshot of the position for sharing.
The 3 dot menu offers extra options, as per My Positions widget.

Filter closed positions by account type, open the market, share the results

This list includes the bots on the account that were active (a position opened, or a trade executed) most recently.
Filter by account type (Exchange/Paper/All)
Link to Create Bot
Summary PnL values
Active Bots then Stopped bots
Signal Bots are above Grid Bots
Shows the bot name. Some grid bots might not have been named and will show No name
Sort by column –click on column header, asc then desc.
More details on Bots page (button top right)

For each bot:
View option
3 dot menu on the right to Stop/Start bots, and Delete (Signal Bots only)

Bot Summary

Fitler bots by Account type

Click the eye icon to show/hide numbers (same as the balances at the top)
Portfolio button to open the Portfolio page

An overview of the Portfolio

Getting Started
includes a record of tasks completed
and links to videos about Alktrady and how to master each feature
Hide/Show the Getting Started section

lists coins and tokens by market cap
sort by clicking a column header
link to the full Market Explorer

Sort the Coins list by column by clicking the column header

Updated on: 07/09/2023

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