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Trading Accounts: Managing Multiple Accounts on the Same Exchange

If you have more than one account on the same exchange, you can connect each of them to Altrady, then view, trade and analyse each account separately or together.

Each account is referred to as a Trading Account.

Paper accounts are also added as Trading Accounts, and are also specific to an exchange.

Additional Trading Accounts are added in the same way as adding an exchange, under Settings>Exchange API Keys. It is helpful to give each Trading Account a different labels as these are used in Altrady to distinguish each account.
The example below shows two trading accounts on Binance, labelled Bina A and Bin B.

In many widgets and pages in Altrady, you can access or view each Trading Account separately:
Trading, Charts and Orders (The Trading Terminal)
My Positions
Trading Analytics

The Trading Terminal

On the Trading Terminal, first select a Market to view from the relevant exchange on the Markets widget. You can see which Trading Account is currently selected under Trading Account. Click the triangle to open the dropdown list. All trading accounts for the current exchange are listed in the dropdown. Select the one you wish to view and trade on.
Values for the current Trading Account and market will be shown in:
The Trading widget: balances and wallet
The Chart: Open orders and completed trades
My Orders:
-- If the Exchange is selected, only orders for the current Trading Account will be listed.
-- To see orders for all Trading Accounts and Exchanges, select All Exchanges.
The Break Even calculator: shows the current position (if there is one) for the selected market and Trading Account.

Green box: select trading Account. Red boxes: Info for the current Trading Account only

My Positions

The Positions widget allows you to select one or more Trading Accounts to filter by under the Accounts dropdown.
To view positions for all Exchanges and Trading Accounts, select Check all. Click Select all again to uncheck all Trading Accounts.
To view positions for one or more Trading Accounts, click the account name. Click again to deselect.
The Search box can be used to find a Trading Account by text search.
The number of Trading Accounts currently selected is listed under Accounts at the top.

The Trading Account label is shown under the market name

More about using the Positions widget.


Under Accounts and Wallets, all Trading Accounts for all exchanges are listed. Click the box next to All Accounts to include all trading account values. Click again to untick all accounts.
To select one or more accounts, click the box to the left of the Account name (image: green box)

All summary data on the portfolio page will include only that from the selected accounts, including:
Total balance
Period Change percentage
24h Change percentage
Assets List. If more than one account has balance for the same coin, values will be added together.

Trading Analytics

Click the dropdown under Accounts to select all or a subset of Trading Accounts.
Overview: shows the totals for the selected accounts.
Growth Chart: shows the totals for the selected accounts.
Details (bottom section):
Accounts shows separate totals for each selected Trading Account.
Markets lists all markets traded in any of the selected Trading Accounts. Where a market (exchange + pair) has been traded on more than one Trading Account, the values will be combined.
Currencies provides a summary by quote currency for the selected Trading Accounts.

Updated on: 22/03/2024

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