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Upgrading to Bybit's Unified Trading Account


Altrady is only supporting UTA Spot (no margin) for the moment. USDT-perps will also be supported soon.
For now, existing non-UTA accounts still work.
Bybit will eventually swap all accounts to UTA
It's one-way: once the account has been converted to UTA it cannot be changed back.
It is possible to upgrade your main account or subaccount to UTA without the other accounts being affected. Each is upgraded separately.
Although UTA for Spot supports margin trading, Altrady does not support margin trading for Bybit and it must be turned off on the UTA (see below).
If margin trading is left enabled and a margined order is placed on the exchange: the order will often not be editable in Altrady; wallet balances can be negative or incorrect; and margin fees are not shown.

To set up UTA and connect it to Altrady:

Upgrade the whole account (main account) or a subaccount in Bybit

Turn off Spot Margin trading in Bybit

Create a new API key in Bybit and replace the current one in Altrady. Edit your existing key so that your trading history will be kept
More information on creating a Bybit API Key

Choose Altrady as the Third Party applicaiton and use these permissions for the new API key in Bybit

In Altrady, edit your existing Trading Account to update the API key

Choose Unified Trading as the API Type. Replace the API key and Secret with the new ones

Refresh/sync balances for the account on the Portfolio page or in the Trading widget

If you can see your account balance yet, sync the balance in the Portfolio

After Syncing


Trade as for usual Spot trading. UTA makes no difference as Margin trading is turned off.
Bybit Futures is not yet supported for UTA.

Further information from Bybit:
Unified Trading Account Help
UTA Trading Rules
Seven Key Benefits of UTA

Updated on: 28/06/2023

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