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Grid Bot Error Messages

The current version of the grid bot (V3) will self-correct after most errors. Bots created or edited after 20th October will be V3. If your grid bot was created before that date, and has not been edited since then, edit your bot and Save, to pick up the latest version.

Only V3 grid bots have extended analytics.

Error MessageWhen or Why does it occur?What to do
Trailing failed due to minimum required order size not satisfied.The bot has attempted to trail down. But due to lower prices, the order size no longer meets the exchange minimumWait until the price moves back to the grid range OR Edit the GB and make the order size larger.
Insufficient balance when trailing UpThe bot has attempted to trail up. But due to higher prices, the balance of quote currency was not enough to place an order at the higher price.1 Wait until the price moves back to the grid range 2 Add some quote currency to the account 3 OR edit the grid bot and move the grid up, so that the higher prices are allowed for in the allocation of funds.
Insufficient balance after restarting a grid botThe most likely reason is that some of the orders from the previous session were not cancelled successfully. So the grid bot assumes the orders will be cancelled and the funds will be available. When that doesn't happen, it can't place all of the orders after restarting. We are investigating why this happens sometimes.To avoid this issue, if you want to change the GB settings, first Pause the bot and select Cancel all orders. Then check that all of the orders are cancelled. If they are not, cancel them manually. Then make the changes to the bot and save again. That will avoid this issue.
Some orders could not be placed, please check the grid bot. Failed orders in BUY orders: X OR Sell orders: Xfor some reason the order was not placed successfully. Often this is a temporary problem due to the exchange not releasing funds or updating balances quite quickly enough. The bot will keep trying to place the order every 5m or so.If you only see a few messages like that, it can be ignored. And if you can't see any missing orders, you can also ignore the message.
(cont.)If the bot keeps sending this error message, then check these possibilities: 1 the bot has trailed down and the order size is now too small and is rejected by the exchange. If this happens, the errors will continue until the bot trails back up to where the order size meets the minimum requirements. You can check the order sizes in My Orders and see if the recent order costs and amounts have been approaching the minimum. 2 a very fast price spike can result in the bot not being able to place orders quickly enough. If you see a recent price spike on the 1m chart, and some missing orders on the retrace, then this is a likely problem. The bot can self-correct after a few more orders are filled. Or it can be edited and saved to recalibrate.
(cont.)3 the bot has trailed up and run out of funds. When trailing up, the lowest Buy order is cancelled and the funds released are used for placing a new Buy order at the top of the grid. However, as the price increases while trailing up, each order becomes more expensive. If there are not enough total available funds (e.g. cancelled orders and profits), to place orders at higher prices during trailing up, then you will receive an error message each time the bot tries to place a Buy order. In this case, you can either wait until the price moves down again, add some more quote currency to the account, or edit your bot and move the grid higher. The bot will take the higher prices into account when working out the order size for the new grid.
(cont.)4 if it happens when the bot first starts and there are many missing orders, then an error has occurred. Before editing your bot, please let Customer Support know. 5 for any other situation where error messages recur, please Contact Support.

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Customer Support can be contacted using the links at the bottom of this page.

Updated on: 30/01/2024

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