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How to Connect Your Poloniex Exchange Account with Altrady


- Enter Poloniex URL in your browser and log in to your account.


- After signing in, click on the Settings from the navigation bar, and hit the Security option.


- Open up the "API Keys" widget. A new window shall appear where you will see the message - "API ACCESS IS DISABLED". To activate the API, hit on Enable API button.

- Click on the "Send code" button. A email will arrive with a code, enter it in the field and press "Submit".


- Click on "Create API" and enable the "Trading" Api permission.


- Go to Altrady, "Exchange accounts", click "Add api key".

- Select Poloniex exchange and add a label to it.


Optional: You can add the IP Whitelist of Altrady to your exchange now.

Click "Copy"

Go back to the exchange and paste the list into the field. Press "Confirm". The list appears underneath. Now you can press "Next".


- A verification code window will pop up. A code is sent to your email. Check the email and copy-paste or write the code in the field.
Click "Continue".

As a security measure, the confirmation link will expire in 15 minutes 🕑


You will be redirected back to Poloniex where you will see a message appearing on the screen - "API ACCESS IS ENABLED"
The API Key, as well as Secret Key, shall be generated at this step.
Copy these two codes and visit Altrady website.


-Copy the API and secret keys from the exchange in the appropriate fields, click "Save" and then "Add".


- You have successfully connected your Poloniex exchange account with Altrady.
You can edit the details anytime by selecting the edit icon.
Use this if you need to add extra keys to your existing Poloniex Key.

If your balances haven't yet updated from the exchange, find out how to quickly update them:

If you have questions, please feel free to chat with our customer support service.

V2. 22-05-23

Updated on: 06/12/2023

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