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Account and Subscription Management


Registration and Log in
Converting from a CBS account
Forgot Password
Change Plan
Cancel Subscription
Delete Account
Profile and Account changes
Managing 2FA

Registration and Log in

Email confirmation
Part of the registration process is confirming your email address.
Altrady will send you an email with a code to copy
If you have not received the email within 5 minutes, check:
Your spam folder in your email software
The spam folder on your mail server
That you have used the correct email address when you created the account (if you misspelt the email address, then the email will not arrive).

Converting from a CBS account

Use your CBS email address
Click Forgot Password
Click the link in the email from Altrady (whitelist
And set up a password for Altrady
Manage your subscription at Settings>Manage Subscription

Forgot Password

Click the Forgot password link under the log in.
Click the link in the email from Altrady (make sure is whitelisted in your mail software)
And set up a new password for Altrady.

Subscriptions and Payments


At the end of your free trial, you can choose a plan and subscribe at Settings>Manage Subscription
If your credit card is rejected (usually because your bank is waiting for your approval for the payment), you can instead use the Paypal credit card option, which does not require a Paypal account. This is under the One-time Payment options.

Automatic payment is only available using credit card

Payment methods available for one-time payment (i.e. not recurring). Select your preference and click the button bottom left.

Change Plan

If you decide to change your plan:
Choose the new plan and payment frequency (Annual or Monthly) at Settings>Manage Subscription
The remaining time on your current plan will be credited towards the new plan (shown as Credit on the payment page)
The new plan will start immediately, for the chosen duration (one month or one year)
Note. If the plan has not changed, the duration will be extended rather than partial refund and new subscription

Credit is shown when the plan is changed

Cancel Subscription or remove recurring payment

If you do not have a recurring payment set up, there is no need to do anything to cancel your subscription. It will lapse when the expiry date is reached.

If you have a recurring payment, you can remove it, change it, or cancel your subscription at: Settings>Manage Subscription.
Once the recurring payment is removed, your subscription will lapse at the next due date, unless a manual payment is made.

See also: What happens to my Altrady account after my subscription expires?

Change Recurring Payment Method or Credit card

Use the same method as for removing a recurring payment.
Clicking Cancel subscription will remove the current recurring payment method and turn off recurring payments.
A new payment method or credit card can then be added under the Automatic Payment option.
Click Confirm
Enter the credit card (or other) details.
Do not click Pay... instead, close the window


To view or download invoices, go to Settings>Invoices

Delete Account

To completely delete your account from Altrady, go to Settings>User Profile.


A refund can be issued within one month of the initial payment.

Profile and Account changes

Personal details can be updated at Settings>User Profile.
Email: All subscribers other than Lifetime members can update their email address at Settings>Account Security
Your password can also be updated at Settings>Account Security


For account security we recommend that you add 2 factor authentication to your account.
You can do that at Settings>Manage account
Please keep a record of the backup code. This can be used to recreate your 2FA if your phone is damaged or lost.
You can do this at Settings>Account Security
If you have lost your phone and can no longer access a 2fa code to sign in:
Hopefully you have recorded the backup code for your 2FA. If so, you can use this to recreate the 2FA on your device. Click the + and select: Create from backup code.
If you have not kept a record of the back-up code then please contact our Customer Support. For security reasons, you will need to verify your identity and ownership of the account before we can delete the 2FA on your account.

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Updated on: 18/04/2024

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