Altrady is a user-friendly and intuitive crypto trading platform that allows cryptocurrency investors to buy and sell on multiple exchanges from a single platform. The automated trading system provides you with advanced trading tools to earn better profits while saving time.

How does Altrady make Traders' Lives Easier?

Extremely simple user-interface
Wide range of cryptos
Low fees
Fast and accurate alerts to win trades
Access trade anywhere and anytime via mobile, desktop and web
Innovative trading tools that allow you to earn consistent profits

What’s the Difference Between the Free Trial and Paid Version?

Apart from the reminder notification, the free version is identical to the full version with certain limitations.

The free trial expires after 14 days. When the trial expires, Altrady will not run. To use Altrady after the expiration of the trial period, you will need to purchase the full version.

Furthermore, the free trial version of Altrady has certain limitations.

Limitations in the Free Trial Subscription Version:

You can connect only one cryptocurrency exchange account
Longer time frames on the quick scan are disabled
Base alerts are generated for one exchange only
Sessions only last for 24 hours, after that you have to sign in again
Traders can generate only 25 custom alerts
You can analyze 14 days trade history

What’s There in the Paid Subscription Version?

Altrady offers 3 levels of accounts, namely basic, essential and premium. The account type that you choose will influence the features you’ll gain access to:

A. Basic Plan

Best For: Investors who want to check out the basic features of Altrady

The basic plan includes access to Altrady’s trading terminal, signals, charting tools and more. Depending on whether you choose annual pricing or month-to-month pricing, you’ll pay $12.45 (€10.46) or $17.79 (€14.95) respectively every month.

The annual subscription is offered at a special 30% discount.

Here are some of the features you’ll get in the basic plan of Altrady.

Trading terminal- Easy to use and intuitive, Altrady’s trading terminal lets you buy and sell cryptocurrency on multiple exchanges with a click of a button.

Signals- With Altrady’s cryptocurrency signals, you can have a better understanding of what is happening in the volatile market of digital currencies.

Portfolio- Altrady’s portfolio manager gives you a dynamic view of your assets in a comprehensive and organized way.

Custom alerts- Setup your custom alerts and receive notifications when a particular market reaches a specific price.

Position tracker- When a trader buys something new, a position tracker will be opened which will estimate profit against the current price.

Break-even calculator- The break-even calculator helps you know whether you are earning or losing coins from all your trades across exchanges.

Basic order types- From stop-limit orders to market orders, Altrady offers a wide array of order types that you can use to advance your trading.

B. Essential Plan

Best For: Crypto traders who want to take advantage of Altrady’s advanced features.

With Altrady’s essential plan, not only will you get all the features found on the basic plan, but you will also get access to advanced charting options and order types, trading analytics, multi-charting options and a few additional functions. Depending on whether you choose annual or monthly pricing, you’ll pay $24.94 (€20.96) or $35.64( €29.95) respectively every month.

Here are some of the extra features you’ll get in the essential plan of Altrady.

Multi charts- Altrady’s chart feature allows you to save your favorite crypto markets from different exchanges for simultaneous viewing and easier monitoring.

Trading analytics- With Altrady’s trading analytics, you can get an overview of your trading performance which can help you assess the effectiveness of your trading strategy.

OCO order- Also known as one-cancels-the-other-order, an OCO order is a pair of orders wherein execution of one order automatically cancels the other.

Take profit- Take profit is a short-term crypto-trading strategy that can let you maximize your profits. This order type limits your risk or exposure to a volatile market by giving you an immediate exit once you get a favorable price to make a profit.

Trailing Stop- Use trailing stop order to maximize returns and minimize losses. It is used to generate profits during favorable market conditions.

C. Premium Plan

Best For: Investors who want to take their cryptocurrency trading game to the next level.

The premium plan includes all the features found on the basic and essential plan of Altrady and then some more! It also includes advanced crypto screening tools that’ll help you make better trading decisions. Depending on whether you choose annual or monthly pricing, you’ll pay $37.44 (€31.46) or $53.49 (€44.95) respectively every month.

Here are some of the extra features you’ll get in the premium plan of Altrady.

Base scanner- A must-have tool for all crypto traders, the base scanner scans markets and analyzes crypto bases against price histories. It uses unique algorithms to monitor thousands of crypto markets automatically.

Quick scanner- Altrady’s quick scanner lets you easily see the markets that have experienced a sudden huge price drop or rise.

If you still have any doubts, please feel free to chat with our customer support service.
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