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How to create a wallet in Altrady

Keeping track of your cryptocurrencies on Altrady does not have to be just for exchanges.
It can also be for your self-custodied funds as well in any wallets you might have.
Instead of using several different tools, here at Altrady we offer 1 platform for all of your crypto needs.
When you add a wallet to Altrady, you won't have to open your wallet software to check your balances.

How to make a wallet in the Altrady portfolio

Step 1

Open Altrady and go to the portfolio tab.

Step 2

On the top left of the portfolio page, there is a button that says ‘+Add’ next to ‘My Accounts’

Then, click the add button and a little menu will come up, then click ‘Wallet’.

Step 3

You should now be prompted to add a name for this wallet. We will name this wallet ‘Ethereum’ but you can add any name you like.

Step 4

Next click the add button again, but this time click ‘Wallet address’.

Step 5

Now give the wallet address a name and select the wallet you made previously.

Step 6

Then select the chain we’re choosing ‘eth’.

Step 7.0

If making a bitcoin wallet in Altrady, do step 7.0 ONLY to check what the wallet address starts with. note whether this address is a 3 or a bc1.
Then skip to Step 8.0.

For others types of wallet, continue here.
Next, go copy the deposit address from your wallet provider. For this guide we are using Ledger Live.

Step 7.1 (bitcoin wallet skip this step and go to Step 8.0 and follow through)

Get the address to deposit from your wallet and copy it paste it into Altrady and then hit the save button. Also please note whether this is an address that starts with a bc1 or a 3 and write this down on paper or in the notepad app on your computer. This will be important in a later step when we go to generate the zpub.

(if starting with a 3 then generate a ypub)

If you finished the above steps on ETH, LTC, or BNB then you are done, and you should see your wallet and coin amount in your portfolio in altrady, if you chose bitcoin, keep reading.

Step 8.0

Then in Ledger go to your settings for this wallet account on the top right click this settings wrench.

Step 8.1

Click advanced right here.

Step 8.2

This part where it says “xpub”: “xpubaasdlDFA2as3fs5…”

Copy the long string that says xpub inside the quotes that stretches 2 lines.

Note: this is completely safe to share this is a part of verifying your holdings without others being able to take your money. You can read more aobut that here:
Is sharing xpub safe?

Step 8.3

Paste this in the 'Your xpub' box over in this website: jlopp xpub converter

Be sure to tick whether your address starts with a 3 or a bc1. Check the note you left for yourself about this in Step 8. if starting with a bc1 convert to Zpub and if starting with a 3 then convert to Ypub

Step 8.4

This will generate either a zpub or a ypub string, paste this as the wallet address for right here.


You should now see your wallet and number of coins in the Altrady portfolio.

Updated on: 17/12/2023

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