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Error loading exchange data

Issues loading exchange data

If the app looks like this:

Stay on the page where you see the error. Then open the Develop Tools:

a. On the web version use:
Windows: Ctrl + Shift + J
Mac OS: CMD + Alt + J

b. On the desktop version use:
Windows: Ctrl + Shift + I
Mac OS: CMD + Shift + I (or, open the View menu>Toggle Developer Tools)

You should now see the Developer Tools opened.

Go to the Network tab and click Disable Cache

Keep the Developer Tools open and do a Force Reload
web version: Ctrl + F5, or click the Reload Page arrow
Desktop App: Ctrl + Shift + R
Mac OS : CMD + Shift + R or
Force Reload on Mac OS

After that the app should load normally.

Uncheck the "Disable Cache" box.
Then close the developer tools (X in top right corner)

Updated on: 24/04/2024

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