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Mastering alerts (sounds) for notifications in Altrady

An Alert is an audible notification. Just as notifications can be configured for most activities in Altrady, so too can Alerts:
Trade Notifications
Custom (price) Notifications
Base Scanner Notifications
Quick Scan Notifications

For each of these, a sound can be chosen and volume can be set.


Enable Push Notifications
Customising Alert Sounds and Volumes
No Sound
Unwanted Sound

Enable Push Notifications

To receive Alerts, Push Notifications must be turned on.

Trade and Custom Price Notifications
Trade and Custom Price Notifications are enabled in Settings>Global Notification Settings

Base Scanner Notifications
Base Scanner Notifications are enabled in Settings>Base Scanner Notifications

Customising Alert Sounds and Volumes

Trade Alerts, Custom Alerts and Base Scanner Alerts

These are configured in the Global Notification Settings.
For each type of alert, choose a sound and volume.
The sounds can be tested by clicking the arrow icon to the right. If you don't hear sound, see the Troubleshooting section below.
Some traders find it helpful to use a different sound for Buy and Sell trades.

Note that Custom Alert sounds can also be configured individually for each alert.

In the Global Notification Settings, customise sound for most types of alert

Quick Scan Alerts

Quick Scan alerts are set in the Quick Scan filters and can be different for each filter.
Alerts for Rises, Drops and Fat Fingers are turned on and off here.
If you hear an alert "Rising", Dropping", or "Fat Finger", these are the default sounds for the Quick Scan.
The volume for all Quick Scan filters is set in the Global Notification Settings (see above).

Configure the Quick Scan sounds in the Quick Scan filter

Alert sounds are those for the selected filter.
When no filter is selected, (Off), no alerts will be received.

Select Off to turn off Quick Scan notifications and Alerts


No Sound

If all of the settings above are configured, but you are still not hearing Alerts, there are a few settings to check.
Push Notifications
Confirm that you have enabled the relevant Push Notifications for your account.

Safari browser
If you are using Altrady in a Safari browser, it does not support notifications or alerts for any websites.
You can use a different browser (Chrome, Firefox), or the desktop App.
Note that, you can set up notifications in a different browser or the App, and continue to use Safari for trading if you prefer.

Device Sound
Ensure that your device is playing sounds, is not muted, and doesn't have headphones plugged in.
If you can hear sounds from other apps (e.g. Youtube), then continue with the next steps.

App Sound Setting
Check that this is turned on

From the 3 dot Customisation menu, top right. Check Sound Enabled

Browser Notification and Sound Settings
If you are using Altrady in a browser, ensure that Sound (and notifications) are allowed in your Browser settings.
Enter the Altrady App url in the browser.
Click the icon used by your browser.
After making changes to notifications and/or sounds, you will need to reload the page.

Chrome and Chrome clones (Brave, Opera etc.): click the padlock to the left of the url. Change settings, Reload the page.

Firefox: Click the icon to the left of the url bar, change to Allowed. Reload the page.

Unwanted Sound

If you would like all notification sounds to be turned off either temporarily or permanently, you can use the App sound setting shown in #4 above.

If you have turned off each of the items above and are still hearing alert sounds, it is possible that more than one device has been activated for Altrady. And one of the other devices is still configured to send Alerts.

Check this on the page Settings>Devices.
Any devices with "Notifiable" in the Notification column will send notifications and alerts(1).
You can deactivate or delete unneeded devices.
You can also turn of browser notifications and/or alerts for activated devices on other browsers (see #4 above).

Each device (including each browser) that has been activated is listed here

It is also possible that the sounds are from Quick Scan alerts or Base Scanner Alerts. So these should be checked as well:
Quick Scan Alerts
Base Scanner Notifications

Duplicate Push Notifications on computer

Notifications depend on the number of devices activated for the account, and whether those have notifications enabled or not.
Check this under Settings>Devices.
The device with Current next to it is the one currently being used.

Delete unused or out-of-date devices and check which devices have notifications enabled

(1) This can also result in multiple Push notifications for the same activity, e.g. repeat notifications for the same trade.

Updated on: 27/03/2024

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