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Altrady's Webhook: Overview (DRAFT)

Altrady's webhook signals can be used to send a signal from outside Altrady (from trading View or your own code for example) to:
create a new position using an Altrady Signal Bot or modify an existing position created by an Altrady Signal Bot.
Start and Stop a Signal Bot


Altrady offers two categories of signals.
Signals to Start or Stop a signal bot.
Position Signals, to Create or modify one or more positions using a signal bot

Relationship between Trading View, webhook Signals and Altrady's Signal Bot

The components needed for a webhook signal bot are (refer to the above diagram for numbering):
An Alert created in trading View (this can be any type of alert: inbuilt or Custom) that fires at the right time to Open, Close, Increase or Reverse a position.
In Trading View's alert dialog are specified:
When to trigger the alert
Where to send the alert (webhook)
Which URL to use
What message to send

The message or signal that is sent to Altrady.
This is a string of JSON code, and is entered as the Message component in the TV alert dialog. (More details in the xxxxx)
Siganls can act on one or more positions for the same market (Open, Close, Reverse, Increase), or to cntrol the bot itself (Stop, Start)

Altrady's URL that will receive the webhook signal.
This is also specified in the TV alert dialog. (More details in the xxxxx)

A Signal Bot in Altrady, to act on the signal that is sent.
The Signal Bot can include almost all of the settings available when opening a manual position using Altrady's Trading widget.
Each webhook Signal Bot has a unique API Key/secret pair, used to access the bot. This is included in #2, the message sent to Altrady.
A Signal Bot is connected to an Altrady Trading Account (live or paper) and can receive signals only from that exchange and only for the specified Quote currency (e.g. USDT).

Webhooks signals interact with the Signal Bot Settings. Some settings are available in both places. Understanding how the Signal Bot functions is necessary to have your signals act in the required way.

In Trading View, an alert from an indicator or Pine Script can be used to create a webhook signal.

In order to use the Signal Bot with custom (webhook) signals, you will have to create a new Signal Bot and configure it with Webhook support.

More details on webhook signals

Webhook Signals: start or stop a Signal Bot

Updated on: 12/02/2024

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