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Webhook Signals: Trading View Setup

Trading View is the most common site for generating signals for a webhook Signal Bot.
This article will explain how to set up your TV alert. It does not explain how to choose or use an indicators to use for an alert. That information is available from Trading View documentation or the creator of your indicator.

Trading View offers many options for generating alerts. Any indicator, drawing, or inbuilt feature that can create an alert, can be used to send a signal.
Required knowledge:
how to create an alert in Trading View
view the signals sent by the alert, in the Alert Log

Trading View Alert

Set up the alert on the selected market. Each alert can only be sent for a single market and time-frame.
Select the candle time frame for your alert.
Add the indicator, and create the alert.

In the Alert dialog, choose when the alert will fire in the top part of the Alert dialog.

Choose the signal frequency per candle (bar)
Once per Bar
Once per Bar Close
Once per minute
Each of these is described underneath when selected.
For initial testing, Only Once is useful. It will fire immediately if the condition is met, and then not again.

Set when the alert should expire.

Alert Name
User defined.

This is where your JSON signal code will be pasted.
When the alert is triggered, this code will be sent in a signal to Altrady.
Full details on coding Position Signals
And for Stop/Start signals. *

Notification Settings
Tick Webhook URL
And copy/paste URL underneath:
This tells TV where to send the signal.
Once the signal is sent to that url, it is matched against the API keys/secrets until a match is found.

Viewing signals sent

In the Alert Log, mouseover an alert to see the contents of the signal sent, including the time.

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Updated on: 16/04/2024

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