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Smart QFL Bot (using Altrady's Signal Bot)

The Smart QFL style of bot leverages Altrady's CBS signals for a solid entry on markets where a bounce is expected. The settings allow for almost hands-off operation, and small consistent profits over time.
There will be occasional losses, and overall most traders can expect longer term gains.
The trader also has the freedom to change the settings over time, to suit their own trading style and risk profile.

We recommend that a separate account or sub-account is used for your bot, so that the allocated funds are not accidentally used for a different purpose.

Altrady's CBS signals exclude:
markets that have been announced as delisted (these are excluded as soon as we are aware of them)
markets with a historically low success rate
markets that would provide less than 1.5% gross profit
leveraged tokens such as Binance's UP and DOWN pairs, and Kucoin's 3L and 3S pairs.
markets that have cracked a base and then dropped slowly. These are less likely to have a good bounce.

CBS Signals generally provide good returns over the long term. Some months will have drawdowns while others will have high profits.

Bot Settings

Entry FieldValueNotes
ExchangeWe recommend using an exchange and quote currency combination with a lot of pairs and good liquidity, such as Binance, Kucoin, ...)
Quote CurrencyBTC or a Stable coin only
AlgorithmDay Trading
Max Concurrent Positions2 to 44 positions is the least risky, and slower profits. 2 is higher risk and potentially higher profits
Max Positions per Market1
Minimum 24 hr Volume10 BTC / 150,000 USDT or equivalentFor larger position sizes, an absolute minimum of 100x your maximum position size
Min PriceFor BTC bots: 0.00000200
Initial Order sizesee below
Entry Price Deviation0.1This increases the entry price by 0.1%, increasing the chance of the initial order filling
Entry Order Expiration15 minutesIf your initial order is not filled in 15 minutes it will be cancelled to free up funds for the next signal
Custom DCAs6% and 100%; 12% and 200%; 20% and 400%Or use the Signal option (Currently: 6% x 100% and 12% x 200%)
Take ProfitSignal: Half Median drop
Stop LossCustom: 30%

Minimum account size and number of positions

This depends on:
the chosen exchange and their minimum order size for the quote currency
the number of positions

Some examples are shown below:

ExchangeQuote CurrencyMin initial entry size2 positions3 positions4 positions

If your exchange is not listed here, you can easily calculate the minimum account size:
choose the number of positions
choose the exchange and quote currency
determine the minimum order size for the quote currency. Add 5 to10% to this amount (to allow for rounding). This will be the minimum initial entry order size.
Calculate: Minimum initial order size x Number of positions x 9 = Minimum account size.

Example 1: Huobi BTC
Using Altrady's Trading widget for testing, I can see that the minimum order size is 0.0001. Add 10%, Minimum entry size = 0.00011
I decide to have 4 positions.
So I need 0.00011 x 4 x 9 = 0.00396 BTC to fund my account with an initial order size of 0.00011 BTC and maximum of 4 concurrent positions.

Starting with account size and determining the Entry order size

Example: USDT
The minimum order size is 1.0, so I will allow 1.1 USDT
Allocate 500 USDT to the bot
3 concurrent positions
The Initial order size will be: 500 / 9 / 3 = 18.5 USDT. This is above the minimum order size so no adjustments are needed.

How the bot works

A CBS signal is sent when a base is cracked by the required amount, and other requirements are met. For BTC pairs, this occurs when the BTC/USD price moves up. For Stable coin pairs, it happens most frequently when the BTC/USD price moves down. There are quiet times and busy times for signals, depending on what the market is doing.
When your bot receives a signal that meets its criteria, an entry order and DCAs will be placed. If there are not enough available funds for the DCAs to be placed, the Initial Entry Order will still be placed and you will receive a warning message. To place those orders, extra funds can be added to the account. Then edit the smart order in the Trading terminal by clicking one of the order price flags, then click the coloured part of the price handle again to save the order. The extra funds will be used for the DCAs.
If the signal does not meet your criteria, it will appear in the Error Log for the bot. (Note that signals that do not meet the criteria for volume or price will not appear in the Error Log.)
If the order fills or partly fills before the 15m Entry Order Expiration period:
a new Signal Bot position will be created. This is visible in the Signal Bot and in My Positions on the Trading terminal
a trade arrow will be visible on the chart (green for buys, red for sells)
If the entry order does not fill, the position and orders are cancelled and your bot will wait for a new signal. For information purposes the empty position can be seen in the Bot Overview, and can be deleted if preferred.
Once the position is running, you can see the current status in the Signal Bot Overview, My Positions (Open), and for more details, click the market link for the Position in either place. This will open that market in the Trading Terminal where you can see trades, orders, and the Average Entry Price line on the chart. And in the Position Info widget, further analytical data are available.
The order can be edited, but this is not recommended. Profits will tend to be reduced if the order settings are changed without analysis.
Analytics for your bot are shown under the Analytics Tab of the Signal Bot.

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If you have further questions, please contact our Customer Support, linked at the bottom of this page.

Updated on: 10/10/2023

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