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Webhook and Trading View SIgnals: Overview

Altrady's webhook signals harness the power of real-time market analysis from Trading View, enabling automated trading actions directly within Altrady. This innovative integration allows users to initiate new positions, modify existing ones, or control the operational status of their Signal Bots based on precise market conditions.

General Overview

Altrady introduces two primary categories of webhook signals:
Start/Stop Signals: Control the operational state of a Signal Bot.
Position Signals: Manage trading positions by creating, modifying, or closing based on the Signal Bot’s analysis.

Workflow Illustration

The following diagram illustrates the seamless interaction between Trading View alerts and Altrady's Signal Bot, enabling the automation of complex trading strategies:

Key components in the webhook signal process are below. Follow the process in this order:

Altrady's Signal Bot: Configured to respond to webhook messages, the Signal Bot translates the received instructions into actual trading actions on the specified Altrady trading account. Set this up first.

Webhook Message (JSON): A structured JSON code snippet containing detailed instructions for the Signal Bot.
The backbone of webhook communication, a well-structured JSON message, is essential. This message is crafted to specify actions such as open, close, increase, or reverse a position. Once your Signal Bot is ready, configure your webhook message.

Trading View Alert: Any inbuilt or custom alert can trigger the process.
Delve into the myriad possibilities offered by Trading View alerts. Both built-in and custom indicators can be fine-tuned to generate alerts that match your trading criteria with precision.

The alert setup in Trading View specifies:
- The trigger condition and time-frame.
- The destination webhook URL.
- The JSON message to be sent to Altrady.
Finally, set up the alert in Trading View.


Webhook signals bridge the gap between analytical insights and trading action, offering a path toward a more responsive and automated trading strategy. By integrating Trading View's analytical capabilities with Altrady's robust trading platform, traders unlock a new level of efficiency and control. Explore our comprehensive guides to embark on your automated trading journey with confidence.

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Leveraging Altrady's webhook signals enables traders to transform insights into action, refining their strategies for maximum effectiveness.

Updated on: 16/04/2024

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