The Base Info widget provides many details about each of the bases shown in the charts, and is very useful for Base Trading on Altrady.

Activate the Base Info widget
Chart Settings for Bases
Selecting a Base
Bookmarking a Base
Variable Base Data
Static Base Data
More about Bases and Base Trading

Activate the Base Info widget
If the Base Info widget is active it will most likely be grouped with other widgets.
If you can’t locate your Base info widget, make sure it is selected in the widgets drop-down menu.
When a new widget is added, it will appear at the bottom of the Trading terminal.

Chart Settings for Bases
To view the Bases in the chart, make sure they are visible.

Open the Altrady Chart Settings. Bases options are used to make Bases visible.

And on the Colors page, you can customise the colours used for Bases.

Choose the algorithm for the Bases you want to see on your charts and in the Bases Info widget.

The controls at the top right of the widget are used for selecting which Base to view, and bookmarking a Base for later reference.

Selecting a Base

Use the left (<) and right (>) arrows to move one base before or after (respectively).
Use >> to jump to the last base.

If "Show Selected Base Background" is switched on in your Settings, when you select a Broken or Respected Base in the Base info widget it will be highlighted in the chart. Unbroken Bases do not have a background, but the base line will lengthen when selected.

Bookmarking a Base
You can save a Base in your Saved Bases list by clicking the Bookmark icon to the right of the navigation arrows. You can also right click a Base in the Bases widget to add or remove it from your Saved Bases.

Variable Base Data
The top three fields show data for the chosen Base only:
The Median Drop
The Price
"Below Base for", which is the time since the Base was cracked.
See Glossary for the Base Scanner and Base Trading for definitions.

Static Base Data
The remaining information is calculated using all Bases in the last 1000 hours (~6 weeks) and is the same for all of the Bases in that period:
Median Drop
Median Bounce
90% Respected in... (days)
Bases Respected: The number of Respected Bases / Total number of Bases
Success Rate (Bases Respected as a percentage).
See Glossary for the Base Scanner and Base Trading for more information.

Chart: Number of Days Below Base x Percentage drop below Base.
The chart includes a data point for each returned base in the last 1000 hours. In general, the further below the Base the price drops, the longer it takes to return. Bases that have not yet returned are not included, as data is not yet available. So the chart should be interpreted along with the Bases Respected value.

For this market, 5 Bases are not yet respected, 14 respected Bases took &lt;=1 day, and 1 took around 9 days to respect the Base.

Mouse over or near a dot to see the Details for that Base.

More about Bases and Base Trading:
Understanding the "Bases" Widget of Altrady
Glossary for the Base Scanner and Base Trading
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