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How to Connect Your Huobi Exchange Account with Altrady


- Enter Huobi URL in your browser and log in to your account.


- Click on the profile icon button from the navigation bar and select API Management.


- You will be redirected to a new page.
- You can add Notes if you wish.
- IP addresses can be added later, once the key is added in Altrady.

- Hit the Create button, once done.

For this tutorial, fictitious values have been entered into the fields.

- A pop-up will appear for the email verification code for authenticating the API generation request.

- Check your email inbox, copy the code, paste it into the pop-up, and hit Confirm button.

Optional: whitelist Altrady's IP address on Huobi.
An IP whitelist adds extra security to your API keys.
Also, when an IP whitelist is added, your API key will not expire.

In Altrady
Open Altrady and navigate to "Exchange accounts",
Select "Exchange accounts API Keys"
Click "+ API Key"
From the Excahnges list, select "Huobi"
Click the "Copy" button to copy the IP addresses to the clipboard.

In Huobi
Go back to the Huobi website and paste the copied IP whitelist into the "Link IP address or IP segment (optional) " field (right mouse click -> paste).
In the "Permission settings", tick "read only" and "trade".

Then click "Create".


A "Security Authentication" message will appear, where you need to verify the creation by entering the code that will be sent to you (after clicking "send code").
Copy it from the received email you get to this field. Also enter the 2fa code, if you have set it before (optional).
Then click "Confirm"


A new pop-up message would appear on the screen with your API key and Secret Key.
Copy these two codes, hit the Confirm button, and go back to Altrady.


- In Altrady, copy the API and secret key from the exchange and paste into the selected fields and click "save".


Huobi now applies strict Rate Limits. to get around those, you need to add a second API key, connected to the first one.

- In Altrady, click Edit to edit the existing Trading account with the API key just added


--click Add Extra key,


- Generate another API key (as above).
- Copy and paste the API key and Secret as before.
- Add the same IP whitelist.
- Then click "Update".

- You have successfully connected your Huobi exchange account with Altrady.
- You can edit the details anytime by clicking the edit option.

If you have not added an IP whitelist, update your Huobi API keys every 90 days before they expire.

Huobi will send an email letting you know that your keys will soon expire.
Edit your existing API key in Altrady and replace it with a new key, as above.

When editing your API key in Altrady, you might need to delete the Extra key first as Huobi will often show an error if the extra key is no longer valid.
Error: "Exchange account for Huobi ID '99,999,999' and User ID '9,999,999' does not exist".

Then add the Extra key as per Step-9 above.

If your balances haven't yet updated from the exchange, find out how to quickly update them:

If you have questions, please feel free to chat with our customer support service.

Updated on: 27/02/2024

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