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Which exchanges are supported?

We currently support trading on 16 exchanges:

Binance Spot and Binance Futures (USDⓈ-M in One-way mode)

How to Connect Your Binance Exchange Account with Altrady
Binance US

How to Connect Your Binance Exchange Account with Altrady

How to Connect Your Bittrex Exchange Account with Altrady

How to Connect Your Bitvavo Exchange Account to Altrady
Bybit including Bybit Futures (USDT derivatives, UTA or default account types)

How to Connect Your Bybit Exchange Account with Altrady
Upgrading to Bybit's Unified Trading Account

How to Connect your Exchange Account with Altrady

How to Connect Your GateIO Exchange Account with Altrady
GDAX: Coinbase Pro and Coinbase Advanced Trade

How to Connect Your Coinbase Pro Exchange Account with Altrady
How to Connect Your Coinbase Advanced Trade account with Altrady

How to Connect Your HitBTC Exchange Account with Altrady

How to Connect Your Huobi Exchange Account with Altrady

How to Connect Your Kraken Exchange Account with Altrady
KuCoin spot and KuCoin Futures (USDT derivatives)

How to Connect Your KuCoin Exchange Account with Altrady

How to add a MEXC API Key to Altrady

How to Connect Your OKEx Exchange Account with Altrady

How to Connect Your Poloniex Exchange Account with Altrady

Signal Bots can be used on all exchanges. Grid bots can only be used with Spot Exchanges.

The following exchanges are available for view-only (no trading):

Uniswap v2
Uniswap v3
Each Uniswap market includes a direct link to Uniswap for trading.

We will keep adding new exchanges.
You can check the progress and upvote your favourites on our roadmap

How to Connect your API key. Enter your exchange in the search box.

Updated on: 18/10/2023

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