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How to Connect Your Bybit Exchange Account with Altrady

These instructions are for adding a Bybit Spot or Futures non-UTA API key to Altrady.

For UTA accounts, see also: Upgrading to Bybit's Unified Trading Account
Altrady supports USDT Perpetual Futures on Bybit.
For the moment, we don't support USDC or Unified Trading for Futures.

Create a separate API key for ByBit Spot and Bybit Futures, and select either Bybit or Bybit Futures in Altrady when you add the key.

Step-1: Log in to and navigate to your Account Settings.

Step-2: Click "Create API Key"

Step-3: From the Third Party list, choose Altrady.
Bybit has a list of Altrady's IP addresses, and this will link your API key to that whitelist for your security.

Choose Altrady under Third Party Applications

Tick the permissions shown below. For Bybit futures you need to tick "derivatives API 3" also to be able to trade them.

Step-5: Your new API Key and secret will be shown in a pop-up window. Click the copy icon next to the API secret to copy it to the clipboard.

Step-6: In Altrady, navigate to Settings>Exchange Account API Keys. Then click Add API key.

Step-7: A pop-up window will open for adding your API Key.
Select ByBit or ByBit Futures from the dropdown list of exchanges.

Step-8: Add a label for your API key.
Paste your API secret from ByBit (it should be on your clipboard from Step 4).
Copy and paste the API key.

If your API key is for a Sub-account on ByBit, enter the exact name of the sub-account. Otherwise leave this field blank.

Step -9: Select the API version: Default.

Step -10: If you have zero funds in your ByBit account you will see a message about this. Click Add.

Step-11: Then in Bybit, click Understood to finalise the API key creation.

Step-11: You have successfully connected your ByBit exchange account with Altrady.
Your recent trade and order history will be automatically imported using your API key.
Traders with a paid subscription can manually import their earlier trade history at Settings>Exchange Import.
You can edit the details anytime by selecting the edit icon.

Never delete your API key altogether, since all of your trade, order, position and portfolio history will be lost.

If your balances haven't yet updated from the exchange, find out how to quickly update them:

Now you can start leveraging the robust features that Altrady has to offer.
If you have any questions, please feel free to chat with our Customer Support Service

Updated on: 24/02/2024

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