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Understanding the "Position Info" Widget of Altrady (formerly Break-Even Calculator)

The Position Info widget helps you find out whether you are making a profit or loss from all your trades on the selected market. As such, you will no longer need to manually calculate the trades on the excel sheets. With this widget, users can also find out the break-even price for markets with open trades or when there are coins left.

Break Even Price: The price at which there is neither profit nor loss.

In this documentation, you will understand how to:

Activate thePosition Info widget

Use the break-even widget calculator

How to activate the Position Info widget

Step - 1: To activate the Position Info widget, open the trading terminal of Altrady, click on the widgets button, and tick the Position Info option.

Step - 2: The Position Info widget will appear on the screen, as shown below

There is no fixed position of the widgets as they can be populated and dragged anywhere on the interface based on the available space and the number of widgets already activated.

The widgets of Altrady can be dragged anywhere on the interface and can be organized by the users to their liking. For more information click here.

How to use the Position Info

To find out the break-even price and other important metrics for a particular period in the Position Info, all you need to do is select the start date and end date into the Period box within the widget.

Not just the date, but you can also configure the time to narrow down your search further.

Selecting the start date and the start time would look like this -

Selecting the end date and the end time would look like this -

After feeding the start date and end date, the widget will show you the complete calculations of your trades for that particular period.

Users can also enter the start and end dates via the price chart. All you need to do is right-click on the desired dates on the chart and enter the start and end date.

Users can also save the calculations for a particular period by clicking on the save icon. The saved calculations will be added to the My positions widget.

At the bottom part of this widget, you will see the specific details about quote and base currencies such as:

1. Realized profit - To view the profits you have generated from the sold cryptocurrencies.

2. Unrealized profit - To view the profits that you can earn by selling the unsold cryptocurrencies.

3. Net profit - To view the net profit which is the sum of both realized as well as unrealized profits.

4. Invested - To view how much cryptocurrency you have invested in the market.

5. Recovered - To view how much of the quote currency from the invested amount has been recovered by selling the cryptocurrencies.

6. Remaining - To view the difference between the invested and recovered amounts. If the value is negative, then it denotes that you are in profit and have gained free cryptocurrencies.

7. Long- If the number of coins bought is more than the number of coins sold, the position type will display long.

8. Short- If you have sold more coins than you have bought, the position type will show short.

9. Bought - To view how many coins have been bought.

10. Sold - To view how many coins have been sold.

11. Remaining - To view how many coins you still have that you can sell for more profit.

If you still have any doubts, please feel free to chat with our customer support service.

Updated on: 29/12/2022

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