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Valid values for Exchange and Symbol

Exchange and Symbol (aka Market) must be specified in most webhook signals.
Valid values are set out below.

Accepted values for Exchange

Spot Exchanges
Binance or BINA
Binance US or BIUS
ByBit or BYBI
Bitvavo or BVVO or CRO or GATE
Coinbase Pro or GDAX
Huobi or HUBI
Kucoin or KUCN
Kraken or KRKN
Mexc or MEXC
Poloniex or PLNX
Woo or WOO

Futures exchanges:
Binance Futures or BIFU
Bybit Futures or BYBIF
Kucoin Futures or KUCNF

"exchange": "BIFU"
"exchange": ""
"exchange": "Kucoin Futures"

Accepted values for Symbol

There are two ways to specify the symbol, and we recommend using the first method, unless there is a good reason for using the second.

We recommend formatting the symbol as <Exchange Code>_<QuoteCurrency>_<BaseCurrency>
Note. The Exchange codes are listed above.
"symbol": "BINA_USDT_BTC"
"symbol": "KUCNF_USDT_ADA"
"symbol": "GATE_BTC_SOL"

This format will work for all exchanges.

If you are a coder, or familiar with using API calls, you can use the symbol format as used by the exchange API (e.g. BTCUSDT, BTC-USDT. This must be the format used by the specific exchange in their API calls, and it varies by exchange.

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Updated on: 22/03/2024

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