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Common Coinbase Error Messages

This documentation illustrates the reasons for some of the most common errors codes while placing orders on Coinbase with Altrady.

Insufficient Funds: means you have attempted to place and order for an amount that is more than the current available balance for the asset. If this occurs on a smart order Take Profit or Stop Loss, Resync and try again.

Minimum and maximum orders: If there's an aattempt made to place an order but exceed the maximum decimal amount an error message willl be thrown and the order won't be placed.
e.g. "BTC can only have up to 8 decimals".

Order size too small : If your order size is too small, then you will receive an error message with the acceptable minimum order size. You should adjust your order size. (E.g. “Minimum order is 0.0001 BTC” or “Minimum order size is $5.00.”) Every order, including each TP order, must meet Coinbase's minimum order size requirements.

Orderbook is in Limit Only mode : Limit-only Mode means that, for this market, Traders can place and cancel only Limit Orders. Only Limit Orders can be Filled during this mode. Market Orders will be rejected. This is usually temporary (days) to increase liquidity in the order book.

Unauthorized -- Invalid API Key : Any of these issues can cause this error. API key:
is not yet active (Coinbase will sometimes impose a 2 day waiting period. If so, you should receive an email);
has an invalid set of IP addresses (replace with Altrady's list of IP addresses from your Coinbase Trading Account)
has expired (Create a new API key and replace the existing one on your Coinbase Trading Account)
is the wrong type (e.g. Coinbase Pro API keys no longer work. Follow instructions for expired API keys). Or, account is Coinbase Institutional, not retail. Only API keys created through Coinbase Advanced Trade will work with the Coinbase API.

Missing required scopes : The permissions on the API key are not sufficient. Check that the API key has View and Trade permissions enabled.

Updated on: 14/05/2024

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