Resyncing your exchange data

For Trading Accounts with live API keys:
Altrady sends requests to the exchange via API
the exchange notifies Altrady of changes made to the account data (orders created, edited, deleted or filled; trades; balance changes).

In most cases, this occurs quickly and automatically, especially where the change originated from Altrady.

Why to Resync

In some cases, this update can be delayed.
Some exchanges are slower than others to provide automatic updates.
If the change (order creation, edit, deletion) was initiated outside Altrady
A balance is changed due to an action that occured outside Altrady, e.g. deposit coins.
a more up-to-date balance is needed, e.g. My Positions widget is updated every 30 seconds.

Altrady offers a method to force a manual update so that the most current account data from the exchange is updated on Altrady.
This is called a Resync, and it will update Orders, Trades, Positions, Balances for the selected account.

How to Resync

There are Resync arrow icons at the top right of many of the widgets on the Trading Terminal. Click any of these for a forced update.
Do not click the resync arrow too frequently (no more than once per minute) as this can cause Rate Limit errors--too many requests to the exchange in a specified period, and the exchange will suspend the API key for a period of time.

Resync arrow icons on the Trading Terminal

Updated on: 14/05/2024

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