Webhook Signals: Start or Stop a Signal Bot (draft)

A webhook signal can be used to start a bot that is stopped, or to stop a Signal Bot that is running.
Only one Signal Bot can be stopped or started per signal.

Start and Stop bot Signals

General format of a signal to start or stop a Signal Bot

 "api_key": "YOUR_ALTRADY_API_KEY",
 "api_secret": "YOUR_ALTRADY_API_SECRET",
 "action": "start_bot | start_and_open | stop_bot | stop_and_close",

API key and Secret

These must be the Altrady API key and secret for the Signal Bot.

Valid actions

"action": "start_bot"
the bot will start accepting signals and change status to Running

"action": "start_and_open"
Status will be changed to Running.
A new position will be opened using the settings in the signal.
All settings used for the Open signal can be included in this signal; `exchange `and `symbol `_must _be included.

"action": "stop_bot"
Any open positions will remain open.

"action": "stop_and_close"
The bot will stop accepting new signals.
Bot status will change to Stopped.
All open positions will be closed at market value.

Updated on: 11/11/2023

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