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What happens to my Altrady account after my subscription or trial expires?

At the end of the paid subscription period, your Altrady subscription will lapse.

Live Exchanges/API keys (see below for paper trading)

From the Expiry date your API keys will be disabled. This means that:
Altrady will no longer be able to manage or access any of your orders, positions, trades or balances.
Existing Orders, trades, positions and balances will remain on your account, but won’t be updated with new data.
You will not have access to your exchange accounts through Altrady
Orders already placed on an exchange will still be on the exchange and can be deleted or edited there.
Pending orders, and any Smart functions that Altrady was managing for any current orders will not be actioned. This includes:
Smart Order exits (TP and SL). If already placed, they will remain placed and not be updated.
Stop Loss Cooldowns
Entry Expiries
Time-based Auto-close
Trailing Stops
Signal Bots:
Will no longer accept signals or place orders
Will not manage existing bot positions (as for 5. above)
Grid Bots:
Orders already placed on the exchange will remain in place
New orders will not be placed
Take Profit, Stop Loss and TBAC will not be actioned

What happens if I resubscribe after cancelling?

If you use the same account:
Your previous orders, positions, trades or balances, up to the cancellation date, will still be available and in the same status, e.g. an open position will still be open.
Any smart orders will be gone.
API keys will be reactivated. Any that have expired will need to be edited or updated.
Trades, orders and balance changes that occurred while the account was inactive cannot be automatically updated
However, you can manually import any missing trades from your exchange.

Paper Trading accounts

Paper accounts will not be affected when your trial period or subscription ends.
Most Altrady features are available while in "paper mode" or free mode, including up to 2 bots.
However, this does not include the Quick Scan or Base Scanner.

If you have further questions, please contact our Customer Support, linked at the bottom of this page.

Updated on: 13/10/2023

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