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Global Notification Settings

The settings on this page are used to configure notifications you receive in the app and by email, about trades, price alerts, and base scanner alerts. Inbuilt and custom sounds can also be configured here, for each notification type.

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Navigate to Settings>Global Notification Settings.

Trade Alerts

To be notified each time a Buy or Sell is executed, set up Trade alerts.

Push Notifications
Tick this to receive a notification box over the top of other windows each time a trade is executed, and an entry in the Notifications list, accessed by clicking the bell icon on the App.
Push notifications will also appear on any mobile devices where Altrady is installed. This can be turned off in the App Settings on your Android or iOS phone.

Push Notification

Notification List

Tick this to receive an email to your account email address whenever a trade is executed. The email includes details of the trade and a link to open the market in Altrady.

Example Trade Notification email

To hear a sound on your device when a Buy trade is executed, select a sound from the drop-down list. If you have added any Custom Sounds, they will also be included in the list. 3a. Sounds can be previewed by clicking Play Sound.
Likewise to hear a sound for your Sell trades, select one from this dropdown list. Some traders find it useful to set a different sound for Buy and Sell trades.
Set the volume for the Trade alert sounds.

Custom Alerts (also known as Price Alerts)

Custom alerts are set in the Trading Terminal at a specific price on a specific market.
The notification settings are set up in the same way as Trade Alerts (above).

Base Scanner Alerts

Only the sound and volume is set here for Base Scanner Notifications. The Notification settings are specified under Settings>Base Scanner Notifications

Default Alerts

Any alerts not covered by other categories are included here. This includes Test Messages.

Quick Scan Alerts

The settings for Quick Scan alerts are in the Quick Scan settings, including sounds. The only setting here, in the Global Notification Settings, is for the volume of any audible Quick Scan alerts.

Custom Sounds

Up to 20 custom sounds can be uploaded to use for alerts in Altrady. Sounds will be saved to your account and available across all devices.
file size: up to 500 KB
file type: .MP3 or .wav
up to 5 seconds duration is recommended

Upload Custom Sounds

Click Upload Sound.
Navigate to the location of your sound file, select it, and click Open
Click Upload File
If the file size is too large, it will not be uploaded and an error message will appear.
If the file is uploaded it will be added to your list.
Click Play Sound to hear your uploaded file
Click the rubbish bin icon to delete a sound file.

Your sound file will already be added to each of the Alert sound dropdown lists.

Custom sound files are added to the bottom of the list

Please contact our Customer Support if you have further questions.

Updated on: 27/03/2024

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